The first thing to do, with the help of your Realtor, Contractor, and getting your pre-approval from a local lender for a construction loan, is to locate home sites of your choice, making sure that there is either sewer available, or that the lot is suitable for septic tank requirements. Having more than one choice of a home site is wise, especially if you have not made a decision on a house plan. If you don’t know where to look for a house plan, ask one of our qualified professional Realtors to assist you.
It usually takes approximately 2 weeks for the contractor to get the building permit from the local building inspector’s office. The contractor also has to get the foundation scheduled with his subcontractor, so it normally is around 4 weeks from the signing of the contract before construction begins, although sometimes it is sooner.
This happens quite often. Contractors call this a “change order”. Once it is established what the requested change is, the contractor will quote you a price in writing, and normally, expects payment of that change prior to making the change. Most customers do experience this during construction, and it is not unusual to have 3-5 change orders during the construction. Each change order will be in writing, and will be consecutively numbered for your records.