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LG Builders, Inc. is a full service Garage Door  garage door company. Our trucks are maintained with a full inventory of parts. Which means we are prepared to repair your garage door in a single visit.

We strive for excellence during the garage door installation process and we take pride of our workmanship.

WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT We’re here to help you make the best decision for your garage door.

We value your time — When you call LG Builders for Garage Door Installation, your call will be answered by a live operator and we will schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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We have a large selection of garage doors including Steel Garage Doors, Carriage House Doors, and Custom Wood Garage Doors.

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Whether you're looking for the beautiful "Carriage House" style that adds beauty and old world style to your home, an energy efficient door that reduces energy bills, or just want a completely reliable garage door that's affordable, we've got a model that fits your needs.

Several things can cause a garage door to come off its tracks. Here are three of the most common: Broken springs. Over the years, wear and tear on your garage door may cause one or both of the torsion springs to break. As a result, if only one spring breaks, you may see a lopsided garage door that has fallen off its tracks. Closing on an object. Although electronic eyes are typically standard equipment on automatic garage doors, every once in awhile, a door may close onto an object under the door and cause damage if eyes are broken or not aligned. This type of damage can knock a door off its tracks. Accidental force. Whether a car accidentally bumps into a garage door or you run into the door with a lawn tractor or other piece of equipment, this type of force can also damage the door and force it off track.
We carry steel garage doors, wood garage doors, glass garage doors, and several other types of new garage doors. Our certified technicians can help you choose the right type of garage door to match your needs.
Automatic garage doors have hundreds of parts. If any of these parts are not working properly, it can mean that your door stops functioning, potentially leaving your vehicle stuck inside or outside your garage. If you discover problems with your garage door, you may be having problems with your cables or rollers. The professionals at LG Builders of Los Angeles can help. We are on call and are well-versed in all garage door makes and models as well as openers and remotes. Most garage door manufacturers use torsion springs to perform the heavy lifting. Call us to set up a free estimate: (877) 775-4253
We offer a full line of Liftmaster® openers. Many of our openers come with features that include ultra-quiet operation, smartphone and Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery capabilities. If you are not sure whether you need a new opener or just a repair, give us a call. We can often repair your opener at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

ACCREDITED AND LICENSED We certify that the garge door installation always meets the requirements of manufacturer.

Garage Door Installation or Repair in Los Angeles

LG Builders has a large presence in Los Angeles, with a commitment to local residential and business customers who need garage door installation and repair service in a timely and efficient manor.

Whether your garage door needs a thorough overhaul or a simple fix to keep it operating smoothly and quietly, we are ready with the right parts and tools to make what’s wrong right again. We can replace a hinge or a panel, repair a safety sensor or realign a rail, install new glass or an entirely new door – whatever is needed. With low, competitive pricing, we are confident that you will be pleased.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors generally come in a few different types, including those that roll up, those that slide to one side, those that swing out and those that swing up. Roll up doors that feature different sections are among the most common type due to the convenience and smoothness of operation they offer. You can also get garage doors made from different types of materials, including steel, wood, glass and aluminum. The garage door that will work best for you will depend on certain factors, such as the style of your home and the amount of space you need in your garage.