Discreet Smoke Detectors Gain Favor in Homes

Discreet Smoke Detectors Gain Favor in Homes

Small, unobtrusive smoke detection sampling points replace traditional smoke detectors for improved look, superior fire protection

Although smoke detectors are essential for safety and mandated by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), traditional, bulky models mounted on ceilings or walls in high end residential homes can interrupt – even ruin – the overall design and feel of a space.

As a result, many affluent homeowners are seeking out alternative solutions that allow for the discreet placement and even concealment of smoke detectors.

For some, this has meant adopting more advanced technology used in commercial spaces that not only provides early detection and warning, but does so using very small, discreet “sampling points” the size of a quarter that can be painted or hidden away completely.

“Homeowners do not want to take the focus away from vaulted ceilings, furnishings or extravagant finishes by installing traditional smoke detectors,” says Queen Gonzalez, a co-founder of Intelligent Fire Systems & Solutions, Inc., a fire and life safety installation company based in Southern California. “This is driving a demand for recessed, hidden or concealed smoke detection.”

Traditional smoke detectors tend to be quite large, often seven inches or more in diameter. Having to install such units in just about every room can be a challenge for interior designers, with the available solutions rarely appeasing affluent homeowners with high expectations.

Fortunately, Gonzalez and Intelligent Fire Systems Co-Founder Chris Santamaria had experience installing a sophisticated, unobtrusive smoke detection system called the VESDA-E VEA from Xtralis, an innovator in fire prevention equipment.

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