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The purpose of this app is to provide you with the opportunity to become a club member and enjoy exclusive prices and options to build points that will give you discounts for the next cleaning service. Not only that, you get even more by referring friends as customers. You will have the option to use this app anywhere, at home or office, so that you can build points on-the-go.You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter that provides an interesting educational topic and a monthly deal.

We offer a full lineup of cleaning services, letting you focus on some or all of the services you need, mixing and matching as desired. You can be secure in the knowledge that whether you order few or many services on a given day, LifeStyle Cleaning Co. is always there to handle your cleaning needs. Right now we can only accept a limited amount of exclusive club members, so hurry up and download this app and you ready to go!

We serve the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles county areas, offering the following cleaning services: Carpets, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Hard Floors, including Tile And Grout, Vinyl, Linoleum, VCT and Laminate stripping, waxing and buffing, and wood floor refinishing services.

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