Carpet Sanitization

Soil in the carpet is frequently laden with harmful microorganisms. Bacteria grow in a warm, dark, moist environment. This is the condition present down in the carpet fiber. The bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that grow in the carpet fiber may be reduced each time the carpet is cleaned with a wet cleaning solution.

The Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Solution uses a carpet sanitizer that will neutralize bad odors and remove harmful bacteria/fungi from your carpeting. Choose to apply only to “problem areas” like bathroom carpets or apply to your entire house to ensure a healthy environment. Our professional strength sanitizer also is effective against mold, mildew and mild pet odors.

Our product is a highly concentrated, low-foam carpet extraction cleaner. Formulated for use with all types of carpet “steam cleaning” or extraction equipment and with all “bonnet” spray cleaning systems. It is recommended for the cleaning of any carpet made of color-fast fibers, but its unique sanitizing and odor neutralizing features make it ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, locker rooms, children’s nurseries, restaurants and other locations where odors might develop before or after cleaning

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