The Importance of High-Quality Paint for Remodeling Jobs

The Importance of High-Quality Paint for Remodeling Jobs

By Joe Richardson

A successful remodeling job begins with good product preparation—starting with premium paint.

Painting contractors should know that to fully satisfy customers, they must deliver on quality above all else. Ensuring that you have the project properly set up, along with the right equipment and products, will lead to a project’s on-time completion and a satisfied client. Premium paint is just as important, and professionals will see various benefits by relying on high-quality paint, as it has the potential to give remodeling professionals high margins of return with low acquisition costs.

Using a great paint gives contractors the ability to extend the life of a paint job and offer homeowners an assortment of rich, pigmented colors to consider. Professionals want to enjoy steady, repeat business, and when relying on high quality paint that provides a polished, finished look, they’ll not only have a better chance of securing more project wins, but twill finish a job that requires less maintenance over time. This article will take a look at how contractors can educate existing and potential customers on the importance of incorporating high-quality paints to remodeling jobs.

Capitalize on Popular Remodeling Trends
As most pros know, bathroom and kitchen remodels are a strong segment of the remodeling business, and some homeowners have taken an interest in remodeling a single room of the home instead of a full home remodel. According to recent trends, homeowners are scaling back their remodeling budgets to focus on budget friendly renovations that can be completed quickly while still delivering an enjoyment impact. With a fresh coat of paint, homeowners are able to make relatively inexpensive changes to their home without getting involved in a costly large-scale renovation. Painting contractors are advised to capitalize on this trend and really showcase their services by suggesting various paint jobs to clientele — from incorporating kitchen accent walls to adding glossy hues to bathrooms.

With high quality paints, beautifully finished one room remodels can eventually provide the basis for building customer relationships that result in future work for painting pros. While painting the kitchen or bathroom, a pro can offer ideas for extending the project, provide color consultations on other rooms in the home, or discuss future renovation projects with the customer. With the right approach, a simple one room remodel can turn into steady future work.

Another advantage to the one room remodels is that small-scale projects result in a quick finish time, leaving the customer satisfied with investing in a project where work was completed quickly. Pros can use short project completion time to their advantage by making recommendations for future quick improvements to the home.
Introduce High Quality Paint to Homeowners
When a painting pro offers high quality paint, the homeowner may be reluctant to choose a more expensive brand of paint at first. That said, once homeowners are familiar and properly educated on the many advantages of using high quality paint, they can be persuaded to pay a little extra for it. In order to sell high quality paint to homeowners, the painting pro can prepare an info sheet that lists the many benefits to using premium paints. The sheet should include the following points: expansive color options; better hiding capabilities; dense, durable film protects and helps resist moisture, stains, mildew and dirt; smooth, even application; excellent stain removal and scuff resistance; less maintenance and resistance to burnishing, scratching, peeling, flaking, scrubbing, staining and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Deliver Results as Promised
Performing adhesion tests and an analysis of the home’s substrate are great ways to help the customer gain more confidence in a painter’s business practices, and after the initial consultation and analysis, the painting pro can develop even more confidence and trust in their business by following through with a superior paint job.
High quality paint can provide a multitude of advantages for professional painting contractors. With less maintenance, better color options, and a long-lasting paint job, the contractor and the homeowner will both be more satisfied with the outcome of the project.
Communicating the advantages of using high quality paint will help pro painters develop a relationship with homeowners that can result in repeat projects. The enjoyment impact and the longevity of high quality paint alone are enough to persuade a homeowner to spend more on quality paint, as they will see it as a spend that has a substantial return on investment. 

Joe_1“Using a great paint gives contractors the ability to extend the life of a paint job and offer homeowners an assortment of rich, pigmented colors to consider.”

Joe Richards is senior vice president of professional products and services at Behr Process Corporation. He may be contacted at