VCT Cleaning & Maintenance

LifeStyle Cleaning Co. offers complete cleaning and maintenance services for residential and commercial VCT floors. Our floor cleaning services can include any of the following as necessary for your specific needs, and can be scheduled for daily service or weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed service – per your request.
  • Strip and wax
  • Scrub and recoat
  • Clean and buff

We can also recommend a maintenance program designed for your specific needs, based on wear, budget, scheduling and other criteria. We can clean and maintain areas from a few thousand square feet to over 10,000 square feet, and can provide all equipment, chemicals, supplies and labor for each job. We can however work with you to tailor our floor cleaning services to your specific needs. For example, if you require a specialized finish and prefer to purchase the wax product yourself, we can supply all other components needed for the job. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!