Area Rug Cleaning Method

Rugs add so much to our living environment by adding color and warmth to any room and are a pleasure to walk on. Over time vibrant colors and patterns look jaded and dull, this happens when the rug has collected dirt, dust, debris, skin cells etc. Using the correct cleaning method will rectify this. We are rug cleaning experts with thorough and methodical cleaning that will produce stunning results.

Our Process:

First Step: We vacuum the rug surface, this opens the fibres.

Second step: The rug is turned over and placed on a protective sheet, and then rigorously vacuumed, this dislodges dry soil deposits which fall out of the rug, which is caught by our sheet.

Third Step: The rug is then turned back over, special safe micro splitting products are gently worked into the fibres, using a soft brush or Sebo Duo agitator.

Fourth Step: Extract dirt using H.W.E machine or Micro sponges.Step five:To complete, brush micro splitters into rug tastles and extract with a HWE machine, using a fine spray upholstery tool.

Our process is the correct way to clean a rug, if these steps are followed each and every time, rugs are restored to an exceptionally high standard.

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