Customer Satisfaction

Today I just finished a difficult job done for a high anxiety customer. First the customer wanted ALL the furniture moved and scrubbed under. When I told her we do not move furniture such as ceiling-high cabinets, four poster beds, etc, she blew a gasket and demanded that I move it immediately. I politely said, “Mam, I don’t move those things.” Then I explained to her what my job responsibilities were as a carpet cleaner, and asked her if she would still accept my services. She reluctantly replied, “Ok.” After the job was finally finished to perfection (not without a few more demands that I did accept), I loaded my supplies in my truck, leaving a satisfied customer enjoying the luxury of her fresh carpets with a smile on her face.

I believe that a customer should always be treated with respect and that a reasonable explanation should be given for the requirements of a specific service. This will help the customer understand the duties of a carpet cleaner and an agreement can be successfully arrived at. My policy is to inform the customer that the quote given over the phone is preliminary. The final quote will be given upon inspection of the carpet. After the final quote is given, the customer may accept or refuse. Interestingly enough, only a minority of my customers will not be satisfied. However, I increasingly strive for customer satisfaction and purposefully develop my services to fit the needs of the people I serve.